Yellow TailⓇ Cabernet Sauvignon

Yellow TailⓇ Cabernet Sauvignon

Painfully inviting and stinging. A spicy vibrance from Down Under, it stings the tongue and refuses to be ignored. Taken with steak, colby jack, kimchi, and eggs—and that still wasn’t enough for it to eat right through.

Joostenberg 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon

Rich and young. The tannic finish waits half a second to greet you with a sandy paper rub to polish the thickest cheese. Medium-bodied and frankly lush, it will water your mouth without end. Slightly sweet and charmingly pucker-powered, the Western Grape of Joostenberg triumphs.

Taken with extra cheese jalapeño pepperoni sausage onion pizza with extra sauce on the side.

Chevalier de Gentimon 2014

Extreme and polar, both dry and full, deep and light. Overtones and undertones of cherry. Not much in the middle, in no way moderate, in no way weak.

Tannic and proper for any heavy dinner, just as any ruddy red wine ought to be. Taken with fried chicken and mozzarella.