Bacchus Reserve: Vin de Bordeaux 2017

Bacchus Reserve: Vin de Bordeaux 2017Easily lost in cranberry sauce, vin de bordeaux of Bacchaus left lightly dry and heavily quenched. In a word: filling. Yes oaky, but not too much. Full, but not almost too little. Yet, the greatest delight was the reminder of cranberries—and ever bit as much filling. Taken with havarti and dried cranberries as a needed afterthought—mustn’t forget the cranberries!

Chapelle Saint Antoine Languedoc

Chapelle Saint Antoine LanguedocFully wet and yet airy.  Somewhat tannic and somewhat juicily fruity—not too much, but just enough to work with food or without. This needs a part deux.

Taken with a Taiwanese pancake, heavily dosed with black pepper, skillet-fried cheddar cheese, kimchi, and inner omelet.