Vin de Pay d’ Oc (Vin Rouge)

Vin de Pay d' Oc (Vin Rouge)

The Musicians Merlot indeed, but only after the show. Sweet as sugar, this bottle of band sings and entertains. Though merlot, the talent inside plays with but a drop of real oak. Yet, it bears the thought of ten thousand forests of oak, zings of ethereal tannin, and effervescence. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was a Zinfandel or a red late Riesling—if there were such a thing.

Musicians don’t just dine, they entertain while you dine, but they love to wine. Leave an unused bottle of this after the party while the musicians break down the stage and they’ll beg to entertain you again.

Taken with Australian steak and cheddar under salsa.