Chaldras Rouge Vin de la Communauté Européenne

Chaldras Rouge Vin de la Communauté EuropéennePolite and reserved, not overbearing, but very present and silently strong. A gentle, peacekeeping red, dry in its oakiness as much as in its manner, this rouge stands above what’s on the table. Taken with sharp cheddar after a soy sauce omelette.

Gnocchi with Pumpkin Soup & Pork

Gnocchi with Pumpkin Soup & Pork Delectable Italy—Home made gnocchi served with a red sauce and chopped pork with a cup of pumpkin soup. The sauced leafy greens beside churn up a balanced supper reminiscent of Rome. Delivered on a wooden tray, seated on a wooden floor among arched pillars down an old bricked alley won’t make you pine for Italy because you’ll feel like you’ve already arrived. The shoppe is made for coffee, after all, and the cappuccino is lovably strong. But, the best part is the cheesy side of mashed potatoes!

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Cuvee Special

Cuvee Special

The king of tannin—no, the emperor! This heavy, flush beverage makes all others pale in any contest of cutting a cheese-heavy dinner. Ripe and red, medium-dark and velvet in its imagination of you. Taken with cheese scrambled eggs and cheese pizza; never take this wine without a cheesy meal.