Domaine De L’Ostal Estibals Minervois 2017

Domaine De L'Ostal Estibals Minervois 2017

It stings the palate with near effervescent raspberry and grape. One of the only wines with a flair of fresh grape—but only if you can taste deep enough. It sings hard to the nose just the same, tannic and dry to the tongue, clearing to the sinuses. Taken with East and Italian -seasoned chicken breast.

Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon: Chile 2018

Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon: Chile 2018Mid tannin leaning past effervescence. Sweeter than oaky, calmly clad in both. In a word: sparkle. Taken with spicy soy sauce rosemary steak, avocado, and cheddar. The steak went down mixed as appreciated from a cabernet sauvignon. The cheddar was richly cloaked enough to bring out its toasted best. But oh! This delight made the avocado taste ten times greener! What miracle hath Chile wrought?

Gran Vega Vino Tinto

Gran Vega Vino TintoThe tint of red is nearer to aged pomegranate than fresh cherry. The distance from magenta tones was noted even more than the stark bouquet of succulent smells. Just the mouth feel is filling beyond any words and most wines. Just enough acid for cheese, not too much for the fruit. Taken with garden fresh tomatoes and muenster cheese by the slice.

Bacchus Reserve: Vin de Bordeaux 2017

Bacchus Reserve: Vin de Bordeaux 2017Easily lost in cranberry sauce, vin de bordeaux of Bacchaus left lightly dry and heavily quenched. In a word: filling. Yes oaky, but not too much. Full, but not almost too little. Yet, the greatest delight was the reminder of cranberries—and ever bit as much filling. Taken with havarti and dried cranberries as a needed afterthought—mustn’t forget the cranberries!